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Looking for a suitable garden office or a studio can be time consuming and also difficult to visualise. To make it easy we have developed an Augmented Reality web application that is easy to use, no app download is needed, you can simply load one of our 3D models to your phone on your web browser and view the chosen design in your own garden or outside space, as simple as that.  

AR phone 1.png

Just click on the AR button that appears at the bottom of the page and scan the QR code with your phone camera.


Click 'View in AR'...

Select 3D model...

iphone x body 3.png

Scan the ground...

iphone x body 4.png

3D model loads to your

camera view...

iphone x body 5.png

Once the 3D model has loaded to your camera view, you can position the model by swiping in any direction on your screen. To turn the model hold down one finger and swipe another up or down, release when happy with the position and start exploring in AR.

The AR views are currently available for Pure Office models, however, should you be interested in more choice and layouts, please feel free to contact us, we would be very happy to provide you with a complimentary personalised design. 

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