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Traditional building methods are often inefficient and unreliable. This results in poorly performing buildings, a huge environmental footprint, long lead times and unreliable costs. Pure Modular was founded on our passion and belief that there is a better way to design, manufacture and install buildings that are sustainable, smart, healthy and cost efficient.  

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We have developed a unique high performance modular system that is structural and adaptable to individual project specification and design preferences. Modular off-site building technology enables us to considerably reduce the time traditionally required on site, reducing environmental impact and build cost. 

We only use carefully selected materials from certified and sustainable sources with a transparent supply chain. Our building modules are fully recyclable and reusable. We believe in ethical choices that don't compromise performance and longevity.

 Combining state-of-the-art technology with high efficiency building systems and materials enables us to provide structural high performance bespoke designs suitable for a variety of building types.

 Digital design and production allows us to optimise the fabrication and installation efficiency in order to deliver precision, quality and value.

To create truly sustainable high performance buildings we place a particular emphasis on minimising both the operational and the embodied carbon emissions. Therefore, sustainability and circularity is always at the heart of our design process. Combining  traditional low or negative carbon materials with modern digital manufacturing methods and high performance building systems enables us to create high quality buildings that are good for our customers and benefit the environment.

Complete design and build service from small studios to residential housing, including all internal finishes and furniture. Modular doesn't mean more of the same, we believe in individual approach to each project and aim to create unique, ethical, healthy and beautiful environments.

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