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Our Pure Cabin range is ideal in a rural setting as a small cabin, an outbuilding or a holiday home, but can also be configured to create a small house. It is designed so that additional rooms can be easily added to extend the building cost efficiently at a later date when space requirements change or if the initial building budget is limited. All external and internal finishes can also be customised to suit the budget or preferences.

Here is an example showing how the building can be extended.

cabin test external 2.png

High performance breathable waterproofing and UV stable ventilated rainscreen cladding

Year round energy efficiency saves costs and the environment

Cool in the summer and warm in the winter due to superior insulation and air tighness

Double or triple glazed doors and windows for thermal and acoustic performance

cabin test inter 1 with dog.png

 Bespoke furniture options

Durable finishes

Customisable wall finishes

High performance acoustic insulation 

cabin test external 1 3.png

Site survey and planning advice included in the price

Wide range of layouts and design

6 year warranty / min. 60 year life span

Design advice and project drawings and specifications included

Prices start from £42,400 + VAT

Fully customisable 

cabin test inter 3.png
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