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Pure Office is a compact and highly functional office space that provides an ideal work environment. Superior thermal and acoustic insulation, air tightness and automatic Heat Recovery Ventilation system ensures you can concentrate on your work in full comfort throughout the year. The unit comes with built-in office furniture, pre-wired electrical and even has Bluetooth ceiling speakers for your conference calls or music. No oil derived insulation materials or other environmentally hazardous materials are used in any of our buildings as all materials and products have been carefully chosen to consider our planets sustainability as well as our customers health and wellbeing.

 Pure Office is highly engineered to provide quality and comfort in a healthy environment.

High performance breathable waterproofing and UV stable ventilated rainscreen cladding

Year round energy efficiency saves costs and the environment

Safe and secure

Cool in the summer and warm in the winter due to superior insulation and air tighness

Double or triple glazed doors and windows for thermal and acoustic performance

Heat Recovery Ventilation ensures clean air circulation with minimal heat loss

Integrated LED lighting and power supply 

Pre-finished internal wall and ceiling panels

Bluetooth enabled ceiling speakers

Durable floor finishes

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3m x 3m x 2.5m   

High performance acoustic insulation

Built-in office furniture options

Prices start from £18,499 + VAT 

6 year warranty / min. 30 year life span

Site survey and planning advice included 

Fully customisable 

Design advice and project drawings and specifications included

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